As national specialists we receive a number of questions through our social media channels, a lot of them tend to ask the same question. “How to clean cladding “. In this brief guide, we will give you an idea of what we do whilst on site.

Prepare the Cladding for Cleaning

Before you learn how to clean cladding, you need to get a couple of basics out of the way first, sometimes known as “housekeeping”. It’s important to clear the area before you start any work. The last thing you need is jet washing a whole load of sheet metal cladding that’s loose and sending fittings flying through the air. We undertake this process whenever we complete cladding refurbishment.

Once the area is clear and you are satisfied that it is safe you can begin to work. However, make sure that you have all of your P.P.E or Personal Protective Equipment available and in use. That means Hard Hat, Harnesses, Gloves and Goggles – you may even be required to wear safety boots on specific sites.

The most common way to carry out cladding cleaning is to use a high powered pressure jet washer. This allows you to really get deep into the grime and dirt that has built up over the cladding materials. To get the best results, chemicals can be added to help break down the grime – this has proven to be successful on a number of occasions.

When you learn how to clean cladding properly and efficiently it can come with a number of benefits. You will find that it lasts a hell of a lot longer, saving you money on cladding replacements. In addition to saving you money, it gives visiting clients and customers a far better impression of the building. There is nothing worse than approaching a building that you are slightly sceptical of, you want to be able to approach a building with confidence.

Cladding cleaning isn’t all that difficult but it’s worth getting professional cleaners to carry out the work.

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