If you’re the facilities manager or the responsible person for the ongoing maintenance of your building, finding a reliable source for external cladding maintenance and advice can become difficult. There are a number of so-called ”experts” out there, claiming to be able to provide the best solution to every building panel fault. The next time to need a little advice, take a look through this article as we discuss how to fix cladding panels, predominantly focusing on commercial buildings.

Before any work is completed you need to get an understanding of the damage. Meaning that you need to identify the source of the problem. In an ideal world, you will have regular site audits stored safely that highlight any abnormalities within the buildings structure. If you don’t, then I highly recommend that you begin completing regular site checks of the entire building. That means, assessing the roofing first hand, so get your ladder out and apply all of the correct health and safety equipment and get up there to ensure that you and your colleagues are safe.

Cladding repair example

Lets take a look at an example. One client that needed to know how to fix cladding contacted us as the roof space and the joints of the external cladding panels had corroded. The result was a downpour inside the factory every time that there was the slightest amount of rain. Now in most circumstances, any facilities manager that is worth their salt will keep a regular log of repairs to help the contractor understand the current building structure and state.

Our team completed a full cladding repair the same day as the call, but it could have so easily been avoided. In order to repair cladding effectively you need to treat the faulty panel first. Our engineers will sand back any rough edges or corroded parts and replace them before respraying the entire area.

To treat the faulty panels you will need to use the correct access equipment. Unfortunately, your basic ladder will not be able to reach the required heights. Once you are level, you are then able to fully assess the cladding. Take your notes and ensure that any new parts are available. Your will also need to take a sample of the paint too. This allows you to colour match the panels once they have been repaired.

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