Looking through online articles and forums, a lot of business owners seem to be struggling to find out how to paint cladding properly. There are of course a number of organisations available in the UK so we thought we would discuss our cladding panel spraying and coating process.


Now a cladding coating project is only as good as the preparation that is completed beforehand. Before our team begins any cladding coating project, we will arrange for one of our supervisors to attend site and complete a thorough survey.

This allows us to understand exactly the type of cladding that is currently installed on the building, the levels of exposure, any damages and to identify if a specific coating method needs to be used as there are so many available.

Designing and Sign-Off

Once we have completed a survey, our supervisor will compile a report and design a plan of action. This will then be presented to the facilities or maintenance manager on site for sign-off. Once the client is happy with the survey and our intended actions, the work will begin to take shape.

The Refurbishment

Our team will arrive on site to complete the full project, unless it has been agreed that the work will be completed over a number of days. Our supervisors will have completed a number of risk assessments and hired the necessary access equipment for our team to use safely on site.

The team will use a selection of coating techniques. The most popular tends to be at low pressure. This helps to reduce any damage and provide an even coating on the cladding panels.

Project Completion

Once the cladding has been completely coated, our supervisors will return to site and ensure that the work has been completed to a very high standard. At this stage we will invite our clients to assess the work completed with us to ensure that they are happy with the quality of the work that has been completed.

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