Ensuring your car showroom is in tip-top condition is paramount to getting customers into the door. Car dealerships owners will spend a significant amount of money ensuring theirs looks brand spanking new, and so should you. Depending on what cars you are selling will depend on the design and the way your car showroom looks. For example, if you have a high-end car brand, you will want your car showroom to reflect the brand.

Here we have gone through all of the different ways you can increase customer footfall by making a few adjustments and alterations to your car showroom to make it more appealing.

What can I do to my car showroom?

Image is everything when it comes to the automotive industry if you are looking to get a certain calibre of customer your car showroom needs to look in top condition for someone to walk in the door. It is a human trait that many of us will only be attracted to a store or brand depending on its appearance; therefore it is paramount your business looks aesthetically pleasing. If your car showroom has more of a luxurious vibe, then they are more than likely going to want to step foot into your business and look at the vehicles you have o show.

Customers spend a vast amount of time deliberating over what car to purchase, and they will often spend a significant amount of time in a dealership. So, you will want to make it as comfortable and inviting for them as much as you can. This all starts with the design of your car showroom, is there a sitting area? Is their enough natural lighting? Can customers see every feature of the vehicle you are trying to sell? You should be compiling a list of what your customers will want and need to get the best out of your car showroom.

How can I make my car showroom more aesthetically pleasing?

You will always want to start from the inside out, in the majority of car showrooms, the interior walls are made of cladding panels which can be coated in a range of ways to make them more visually pleasing. On site spraying provides your internal cladding panels with vibrancy and a fresh, clean showroom.

shiny car

Curtain Walling

A vast amount of car showrooms have glass on the front of their building so when people walk past they are able to see the cars as they pass. It is also a great way of introducing natural light into the building; this means customers can see vehicles from every angle. A lot of commercial properties have curtain walling, which over time can become tired and old. With a simple touch up of curtain walling and window coatings, you can give your car showroom the revamp it needs. Another thing you should think about is booking your curtain walling in for regular maintenance, coatings not only improve the overall look of your curtain walling but also provides it with a longer lifespan as it prevents the metal from corroding.

Entrance doors

The entrance door to your car showroom is something you should think about; this is where your customers will enter. Think about how they are entering, are they coming through a revolving door or are they coming through an automatic one? Make sure your doors are in good condition and look as though they have been cared for. The entrance door will often be where your customers make their first impressions of your car showroom, so it is imperative it looks great!

A lot of entrance doors on car showrooms will either have a canopy or facade, which may also require a little attention. Over time they can become faded and damaged due to being exposed to the elements. Cladding repairs and resprays are a great way of making your facade look fresh and new, if you are thinking of revamping the exterior of your commercial property, you could also consider changing the colour of your facade to best suit your car showroom.

car interior

Interior Furnishings

Obviously, once you have the shell of the building completed, you will want to consider the interior furnishings. Lighting is a great place to start, as we mentioned earlier, you will want customers to be able to see every aspect of the car. Lighting Styles have a range of gorgeous entrance lights, which allow you to set the tone for your car showroom.

When it comes to flooring, you will want something that is relatively low maintenance, which is why we always say avoid carpet. You will not have carpet all over your car showroom, but might consider it in waiting areas, the reason we recommend shying away from this, is you never know how dirty someone’s shoes are and carpet can often stain easily. Go for laminate or vinyl flooring, both come in a range of strengths and colours and are exceptionally easy to keep clean and looking fantastic. Take a look at UK Flooring Direct for their range of options.

When your customers first walk in you want them to receive exceptional customer service, and this all starts a the reception desk. If you want to provide customers with a lasting impression we always recommend going for a high-end front desk, which showcases the brand’s sophistication and class. For exquisite reception desks we suggest taking a look at Calibre.

front desk


Signage can do wonder for your car showroom; you want it to grip the attention of customers and make they’re aware of your brand. If you don’t think the colours you currently have are working for you, then you may want to reconsider what the colours mean. In the car industry, silvers, blacks and blues are often high signs of sophistication and class.

Make sure your signage is in a position where it can be seen and is also the right size. What many people do not consider is the landscape around then, signage can often be blocked out by large trees or other commercial buildings. So take the time to think about positioning.

Why should I think about refurbishing my car showroom

If you want to increase footfall into your car showroom, then you may want to make a few adjustments to make it a bit more visually pleasing. Taking the time to refurbish the inside will show your customers that the brand is a sophisticated and high end. It will also make the car showroom feel much more inviting.

Taking the time to also look at the exterior of your property should be high up on the list when it comes to refurbishment. Customers often make their first impression based on how the exterior of your car showroom, so make sure it is in tip-top condition.

If you have recently refurbished your car showroom, let us know how it increased your customer footfall!

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