If your commercial property is starting to look old, tired, dirty and dishevelled. There are a couple of ways you can enhance the exterior of your building with the highest quality repairs and maintenance. Read on to find out more about a different kind for cladding repairs you can have and why you should get them.

What are cladding repairs?

How many times have you walked past a commercial property and noticed how tired and dirty it looks? Well, if you have noticed it, the likelihood is everyone else walking past have had the same thoughts, which is why you do not want it to happen to your commercial property. Cladding cleaning is a great way to give your commercial property a new look.

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One thing many customers and clients tend to look at is the exterior of your property, this can often give them a lasting impression of your business, and you most definitely do not want it to be a bad one. There are a number of reasons why your exterior cladding may start to look tired and old. Unfortunately, one that is unavoidable is the weather has a significant effect on the cladding. The UK experiences a range of weather variations, for example in the summer months we can often experience 26-degree heat one day and 10 degrees the next. This constant change in temperature and weather means the external cladding on your commercial property is exposed to the elements which are why you will need regular maintenance; otherwise, you may have to consider having some cladding panels replaced. Unfortunately, replacing exterior cladding panels can cost you a significant amount of money.

When it comes to branding, you will want to keep the exterior of your building sophisticated and well maintained. On site spraying is one of the best ways for you to keep on top of this, with on site spraying you can either update existing cladding or you can go for a complete rebrand. Elevation Maintenance provides a very high level of service, which is why we also offer an in-house colour matching service for all your cladding colour requirements. It also means we can make the colour you want rather than having to go with a colour because it is all you can find. Colour matching is also excellent when you want to be consistent with your branding.

Cut edge corrosion

When cladding is first made it is normally coated with a protective plastic coating which is meant to prevent it from corroding. When panels are installed onto the exterior of a commercial property, they are not always the right size therefore need cutting. When the panels have been cut, what many people do not realise is this plastic seal is broken and is not reapplied during the fitting process. With the plastic coating no longer protecting the cladding panels it leaves them exposed to the element, therefore, more likely to erode. This form of erosion is called Cut Edge Corrosion.

If not treated adequately cut edge corrosion can often damage the exterior cladding on your commercial property, not only physically but also aesthetically. If you do leave them too long untreated, then this can often lead to parts of your cladding needing replacements as they are no longer salvageable. Sections of cladding can be repaired if they have not corroded to much, we always recommend as soon as you believe cladding panels to have cut edge corrosions speak to a cut edge corrosion treatments specialist.

Cut edge corrosion treatments are a great way of increasing the lifespan expectancy of your cladding, not only will you get more out of your cladding but you are also improving the safety of your commercial property. Regular maintenance allows you to stay on top of any damage to your premises, it will also help prevent the like of birds nesting in holes and will also reduce your risk of leaks.

cut edge corrosion

Bubbling and flaking paint

Paint can bubble and flake relatively easily, if preventative measures are put in place and preparation has been completed properly. When it comes to painting, it can often take long periods of time to get it spot on, so when you come back to check how it is drying the last thing you want to see is bubbling or flaking.

Blistering occurs typically when the paint has not been let to dry efficiently. It is when the top coat of paint pulls away from the layer underneath it cause a bubble to form, in some cases, depending on the dampness of the coatings it can be multiple layers of paint. Cladding specialists usually are aware of the risks of bubbling and will often take time to consider what the weather and air are like when coating your exterior cladding. When painting any cladding material, it should be dry before application, with a dry surface the paint will be able to adhere to the cladding much better.

Flaking occurs when there are too many coats of paint applied to the same surface, it can also happen if the surface you are painting is dirty. Before applying any coatings, the coating specialist will need to clean down any severely dirty panels.


Rusting occurs when there is a high level of oxygen and water. If cladding is left untreated over time rust will eat away at the panels which means the cladding will start to disintegrate. Rust can become very serious if it has not been dealt with in a sufficient manner, as rust starts to build it can affect how structurally sound the property is. There is a range of treatments you can have applied to your cladding coatings to make them safer; it will also help with the life expectancy of the panels.

Why think about repairing instead of replacing?

There are a number of benefits to repairing cladding panels rather than merely replacing them. The most obvious being the cost, to repair your cladding panels you will be far less out of pocket in comparison to replacing them.

In most cases, cladding panels do not always need replacing, and damage or corrosion can often be repaired with a treatment or coating. If you stay on top of regular maintenance, your cladding panels can last you years.

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Cladding repairs

As a business that deals with cladding repairs on a regular basis, it is highly beneficial for your commercial property. If you notice your cladding panels are starting to deteriorate, make sure to call a cladding specialist at your earliest convenience. You could save yourself a fair bit of money by catching an issue early on.

Repairs are also excellent if you want to rebrand your business. Branding is often a the forefront of a business owners mind so make sure yours looks spot on with clean, sophisticated exterior cladding.

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