If you have a commercial or industrial building and it is now looking dishevelled, dirty and tired, you should think about having cladding repairs. There are so many different ways you can enhance the exterior of your building.

Why Have Cladding Repairs?

Have you ever seen a shop look dirty and gross? Has it put you off going in or even wanting to look at what they are selling. This is when you might want to consider on site spraying services or shop front spraying. With these services, you can instantly spruce up your commercial property and make it look significantly better. If your exterior is looking a little dirty, why not consider having jet washes or another cleaning, as this will make your commercial premises look more prestigious keeping it in line with the brand.

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As we previously mentioned brand image and the aesthetic of your commercial property is extremely important in the minds of not only your client or customers but also employees or external visitors to your organisation. You want to leave them with a good impression and taste in their mouth of what your business is all about; this is why we always recommend to each of our own clients to first take a look at what the exterior of your commercial property really looks like. If it is looking grubby and unkept, what are your customers or clients meant to think? We suggest always booking in regular maintenance checks; whether it be with an on site manager or an external contractor, it is vital you stay on top of your brand image.

Here in the UK, we often experience a range of adverse weather; we can go from having 10 degrees with constant rain to 26 degrees and beautiful summers weather. While we may enjoy the seasons here in Britain, they can have a damaging effect on the exterior of your buildings. Cladding material used on many commercial properties is often exposed to elements, regular maintenance for cladding is critical, with exposure to adverse weather, the cladding can often deteriorate very quickly. On site spraying is an excellent way of protecting your cladding panels but also a great way of reducing cost overall. With a good quality coating, you can significantly increase the lifespan of your cladding panels.

On site spraying is not only useful for improving the quality of your commercial property. It can also make a huge difference if you are considering a rebrand. With a fresh coat of your branding colours, you can instantly make your commercial property look much more sophisticated. Even if you choose to go for a simple colour refresh, it is an excellent way of doing so instead then replacing each cladding panel.

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Paint Damage

When it comes to painting or coating your cladding panels or any surface for that matter, there are a couple of preparation techniques that need to be completed to ensure the coating applies efficiently. There is nothing worse than spending hours on end working on a coatings project to come back hours later to find it has blistered, bubbled or flaked. These damages can often be caused as preventative measures had not been taken.

Flaking or cracking often occurs when the coating has been applied to a surface which already has multiple layers and has not been sanded properly, or the coating is being applied to a dirty, grimy surface. Before you consider applying any coating, all cladding panels should be washed down properly. When it comes to applying the paint, on site spraying companies will know that they need to leave each layer or coating to dry thoroughly before applying another coat.

Blistering happens when the top layer of paint pulls away from the layer below it, in some cases, it can take multiple layers with it. Cladding specialist will be aware that when the weather is damp, humid or wet, it can often be challenging to prevent blistering from occurring. Before any specialist coating can be applied the surface has to be completely dry for it to adhere to the surface of the material.

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Cut Edge Corrosion

One of the biggest pains of having cladding is cut edge corrosion. Before cladding is installed, it is often cut by manufacturers to ensure it is the right size. However, cladding panels often have a plastic coating which helps prevent it from destroying. When these panels have been cut the plastic seal is then broken, which is why we have cut edge corrosion.

If cut edge corrosion is not deal with in time, it can have damaging effects on your commercial property. If it has been left to long, there can be lasting effects on the cladding panels which means they are no longer salvageable and will need replacing which can cost you an arm and a leg to fix.

Cut edge corrosion treatments are a great way of preventing this from happening. A cladding contractor can repair and prevent further damage to any existing panels.

Why Repair Panels Instead of Replace Them?

The replacement of cladding panels is not always necessary, while you may have some that are a little worse for wear and unfortunately cannot be saved with a repair. Generally, you do not need to replace cladding panels every time they are a bit damaged.

There are a number of ways to repair cladding panels and also a range of ways to prevent them from becoming damaged in the first place. Fixing damaged panels is an excellent way of saving yourself a few pounds, with on site spraying and other improving services, you can dramatically increase the lifespan of the panel. With regular maintenance and cleaning, you can also reduce the number of time contractors needs to attend site.

Why have cladding panels repaired

No matter the size of your commercial property we always recommend staying on top of regular maintenance. We also suggest giving your cladding panels a lot of love and care, as regular maintenance can save you thousands of pounds in the future.

On site spraying is an excellent way of ensuring your cladding panels are gleaming as well as staying in line with your brand image. With a new coat, you might be a little surprised at just how different your cladding panels look.

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