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Why you should have on site spraying in summer

There are a range of different reasons to why you should consider having on site spraying services completed in summer, one of the main benefits being the gorgeous British weather.

On site spraying

Summertime is the perfect time to think about improving the look of your commercial unit or building, not only does it allow the coating to dry efficiently, but it also means we can ensure of the overall finish and application process is perfect.

For your commercial property to have the best finish possible, it is paramount the weather is on your side. Many people do not realise there is an ideal climate for on site spraying services; the weather needs to be dry, warm with minimal dampness and humidity. If there are large amounts of moisture in the air, it can have an effect on the way the paint drys and in some cases can leave blisters, bubbles or flaking paint.

Unfortunately, the winter and autumn months pose a risk to on site spraying services as we cannot guarantee the weather. With the fluctuation in weather and the unpredictability of rain, it can be hard to tell clients when contractors can attend site for these services. As we previously mentioned moisture could have a dramatic effect on how well the coating adheres to the surface.

Why avoid colder months?

The viscosity of the paint is generally affected when the temperatures are cooler, which often means the paint can become thicker. A lot of painters or coating businesses find themselves having to use paint thinners which are not great for coatings. If you are going to try to paint or coat in the cooler months, you will notice just how much it affects the application and drying times.

Much like paint is affected by the weather, so it the surface temperature. It can vary depending on the structure of the commercial property; if the climate is being somewhat volatile, it can often affect the drying times which means we are unable to predict how long each project can take. Another aspect a lot of clients do not consider is, yes the paint may look great just as you have had it done, but when the surface temperature reaches freezing, the paint can crack leaving an alligator effect in the coating.

With different drying times, you could also be faced with a number of other issues, such as colour variation. This is even more evident if you are only having a small section of your cladding panels repaired.

The weather might determine what kind of paint or coating can be used on your commercial property. A gloss is greatly affected by the cooler weather; they can often become dull. When there is a significant amount of moisture in the air during application a gloss coating can also become blush, this means condensation becomes trapped in the top layer giving it a slight dew effect.

Using spraying machines during winter

When you get too cold during a winters day walk, your hand can often become stiff and hard to manoeuvre. Well, the exact same thing happens to spray guns. During the winter months your spray gun is more likely to freeze, this often means the paint cannot escape or exit the gun. Due to this freezing, spray guns can become clogged, which can affect the way your coatings look.

Why have on site spraying in summer?

While the weather plays a massive part in why you should have on site spraying during summer, one aspect people do not think about is the length of the days. During the summer months, the days are much longer, which means we are on site longer and can finish projects much quicker. It also means that business is not disrupted as much, depending on the size and scope of the project we may be required to use machinery which can be noisy and disruptive.

Also depending on the size of our client’s projects, it can take anywhere from a couple of days to a number of weeks. So, you will most likely want to book this in during the summer months, so contractors are not on site for too long.

Paint issues

Paint issues can be a pain, in some cases depending on the severity of the damage; you might have to have someone come back to completely recoat the cladding panels, which is why you will want to avoid having on site spraying services during winter.

Moisture during winter months can cause the paint to bubble; this occurs when the top layer of the paint pulls away from the layer underneath, this can be one layer or multiple layers. It usually happens when there is a lot of moisture in the air during application which gets trapped between the layers. Flaking is another issue you might encounter; this occurs when the paint dries too quickly due to freezing temperatures.

What other services should I have in summer?

  • Curtain Wall Cladding Spraying – During the winter months curtain walling can often become faded and tired, so booking it in for the summer months can ensure your curtain walling is looking vibrant and new.
  • Shop Front Coatings – If you are wanting to get an even and perfect finish on your shop front the best time to do this is during the warmer months. Aluminium and steelwork can freeze over during the winter months which make the application process difficult.
  • Liquid Roof Coatings – Elevation Coatings provides durable liquid roof coatings, which will help protect your commercial property against the gastly winter weather.

Summer works

If you are thinking about having on site spraying or any of the other services discussed throughout the article make sure you have it booked in well in advance. Summer is the best time to have this work done, as contractors can ensure your commercial property gets the best finish without any paint issues. The damp, wet weather can be a real issue during the coating process and will often only mean you will have to have the coatings reapplied much sooner than you had hoped. Keep on top of your coatings maintenance, and you can increase the overall lifespan of your cladding panels.