Professional Cladding Repair Service & On Site Respray
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PVF2 Re Spray & Cladding Repair

What The Client Wanted

The client required a professional cladding repair service & on site respray for a hole which had appeared in the side of their building.

What We Did

We saved the client potential extra expenses from replacing the panels by using specialised cladding panels & RVF2 paint spray to return the panel to it’s original appearance.

Our team has 25+ years experience in repairing cladding panels on commercial properties & ensure that the repair will last with high quality strength cladding panels.

The Client’s Feedback

“We’re happy that Elevation were able to repair the panels without needing a full replacement which would have cost us a fortune. Thank you.”

Services Used

Cladding Repair, On Site Spraying

Images from Project