Deterioration and Corrosion Inspection and Repair using specialist Giromax Coatings
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Roof Corrosions and Repair

What The Client Wanted

The client contacted Elevation Coatings as their roof started to deteriorate and corrode. One of our contracts managers attended site to see the roofing and inspect any damages. A lot needed repairing and respraying, so we assessed the accessibility to ensure our team could access all parts of the roof.

What We Did

After discussing the client’s options, we chose to use Giromax Coatings. Giromax is an excellent way of helping protect the roofing on commercial properties; it prevents damage from weather and erosion, which is very common on roofing systems.

Elevation Coatings sent two team member to complete the project, both have ICATS training and are able to use the cherry picker to gain access to hard to reach areas. The team spent two weeks on site ensuring the roof was safe and coated well. From the images, you can see the high-quality respray and the high calibre coating.

The Client’s Feedback

“We are so pleased with the outcome of our roofing system and cannot thank the Elevation Coatings team enough!”

Services Used


Images from Project