Repairing & Priming an Air Conditioning System for a School.
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School Air Conditioning Repairs

What The Client Wanted

Our recent project involved safely repairing & priming an air conditioning system for a school.

What We Did

We maintain industry standard health and safety regulations for all our on site projects. As this project involved a school with children, we made sure to work out of hours to ensure no one was exposed to dangerous fumes. The complete project took one evening to complete with 3 onsite workers.

The air conditioning pipes required a full respray and prime service using RAL 9010 and was finished with a powder coating spray (suitable for low-temperature and sensitive items).

If you require construction repairs or specialist powder coating repairs, contact us today on 0800 689 4653. All our services come with a minimum of 20 years guarantee.

Services Used

On Site Spraying, Powder Coatings

Images from Project