Food Safe Panel Repair

Food Safe & Clean Room Panel Repair

Elevation Coatings has experience providing food safe panel repair services for working environments such as Cold Storage that require hygiene and food safety standards. Reduce the risk of contamination and maintain a hygienic environment with our skilled team of antibacterial sprayers.

Make sure your food environment meet hygienic requirements with food safe cladding panels. All of our coatings are non toxic, scratch & wear-resistant and prevent yeast, bacteria and mould growth.

We provide complete clean room respray services for industries (but not limited to) Laboratories and Engineering Hangers, Catering, Breweries and Food Production. All our clean room respray services come with a complete full 10 year guarantee.

Get in touch with a member of the Elevation Coatings team for advice on the best food safe panel repair services or alternatively view some of our previous food safe panel repair projects.

Hygienic Food Safe Coatings

In the food and beverage industry, food and hygiene standards are important for environments that demand safe hygienic food. Hygienic food safe coatings can include powdering the ceilings and walls, and respraying cladding panels. Food safe coatings are required for surfaces that come into physical contact with food products.

All of our professional on site spraying services & cladding repair ensure that your food regulations are met. We use a variety of food safe non-uvc coatings including solvent-free epoxy floor coatings.


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Customer Feedback
"Chris & the team kept us informed throughout the project and provided extra examples where needed before we went ahead. Pleased with the result!"
Tom Rubeno
13th September 2019
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