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Intumescent Coatings & Paint

We provide services using the best quality Intumescent paints for steel, structural steel and cast iron from Rawlins Paints, available with 30, 60, 90 and 120-minute fire protection.

Ensure your building has the maximum protection with fire-resistant coated steel. Intumescent coatings & fireproof paints insulate structural steel by increasing the degree of heat the building can withstand amidst a fire.  Intumescent paint can prevent steel from losing it’s strength by undergoing a reaction which swells up to 50 times it’s original thickness, insulating the steel from excess heat.

Intumescent coatings are quickly being used as a standard as the most relied-on coating when fire protecting your steel, saving you damages & excess costs from widespread fires.

Get in touch with a member of the Elevation Maintenance team for advice on the best intumescent coatings for fire proofing today or alternatively view some of our previous intumescent coating repair projects.

Steel Beams - Intumescent Coatings
Scaffolding - Intumescent Coatings

Applications Available for Intumescent Coatings

  • Giromax Solutions
  • Girosil Solutions

Fireproofing Paint

Fireproofing paints are designed to withstand high-pressure heat and significantly reduce the spread of fires. We provide a 25-year guarantee across all our intumescent coating services to ensure your modern buildings remain safe for ongoing years.

Our professional services include tried & tested fireproof applications which will maintain the structural integrity of your steel.

Intumescent Coatings on Red Pipes

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The team from elevation maintenance work alongside you to match your budget, timescales & requirements. We are highly flexible and have helped a number of clients to achieve their plans quickly & efficiently.

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