Cladding Coatings

We provide on site cladding coatings and cladding spraying solutions to add a protective layer for your external building panels. Recommended by the leading panel manufacturers in the UK, Elevation Maintenance are your one stop shop for external building maintenance.

25 Years Guarantee On All Of Our Services

35% Off On Selected Services

Leading UK Cladding Paint Spraying

Maintain your building correctly and ensure that the external panels are protected for the next 25-years with our on site cladding panel paint spraying services. Each protective cladding coating is bespoke with one of our experienced supervisors completing a full, no obligation survey free of charge.

Specialist cladding coatings have become more and more popular as the long-term protection they provide continues to add value to the building, it ensures that regular exterior maintenance is no longer provided. Our cladding paint sprayers will ensure that the following steps are taken on every project:

  • Full Assessment and Survey
  • On Site Material Preparation
  • Full Cladding Cleanse
  • Damages Repaired and Sanded for Coating
  • Colour Match and On Site Coating
  • Complete Evaluation and Weather Protective Coating

Naturally as time goes by,  your cladding can start to deteriorate if it is not looked after. Therefore, ensuring that your building exterior is maintained correctly becomes massively important. Our specifically designed cladding coatings are formed to ensure that your cladding is protected. The cladding sprays we offer has a pro-longed durability and being Giromax Approved means that we have the most effective cladding coating materials and products available at our disposal, which helps to protect against UV and corrosion.

If you want to ensure that your building exterior remains in good condition and ensure that the value does not drop, our nationwide service is perfect for you. Simply contact us to arrange for a free survey.

Benefits of Cladding Coatings

  • UV/Corrosion Protected
  • Giromax Approved Contractors
  • Cost Effective Service
  • 25 Year Guarantee
  • Expert Team
  • Protect from Long-Term Damage
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Customer review for Cladding Coatings

"I've always been suggested to get cladding coating on the outside of my building. I didn't really know much about it, nor who to go to. I came across Elevation Maintenance on the internet and had a look at some of their work, I was impressed to say the least. I contacted the team to come and assess the coating on my presises, I was so pleased that I even asked them to do my roof cleaning!"