Curtain Walling and Window Coating

Maintaining a well-kept exterior is an essential aspect of creating a positive first impression. Our expert team use their extensive paint spraying experience to assist you in restoring your buildings through curtain walling and window coating.

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Living in the UK means that we experience constant changes in the weather, which, along with age, starts to take its toll on curtain walls systems. Colour begins to fade over time, making a less attractive, unclean appearance to buildings. At Elevation Maintenance, we use expert equipment and techniques to give your curtain wall and windows a breath of fresh air. A protective coating is added which will help avoid fading and deterioration in the future.

We understand that maintenance to a building can be disturbing, which is why we use tailored scaffolding and cradles to carry out our work safely, causing no disruptions. Communication is key, so we will regularly update tenants on the progress that has been executed, along with any changes that have been made.

If you want to ensure that your building exterior remains in good condition and ensure that the value does not drop, our nationwide service is perfect for you. Simply contact us to arrange for a free survey.

Benefits of Curtain Walling and Window Coating

  • Curtain Wall Coatings Can Be Anodized
  • No Need for Replacements
  • Curtain Wall Spraying Guarantee
  • All Quotations are Free!
Curtain Walling

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Customer review for Curtain Walling

"I had been recommended to have my curtain walling replaced on my windows because it looked tired and weathered. I don't know much about curtain walling, but once I contact Elevation services, they helped and informed me of what could be done. They sent someone to assess and resprayed all the windows perfectly."