Food Safe Coatings

Keeping a clean and hygienic establishment is essential in any workplace, but in particular healthcare, food production and educational industries. Our antibacterial food safe coatings guarantee that the risk of contamination will be kept to the very minimum.

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Leading UK Food Safe Coatings

Keeping to industry hygiene standards and regulations is crucial to avoid the spread of bacteria which could result in serious illness. Our professional team are experts in their area of expertise and use antibacterial spray coatings to not only create a clean looking finish but also to stop the spread of harmful bacteria.

Bacteria cannot always be seen by the eye meaning that it can be easy to miss growth. Our antibacterial spray coatings last a considerable amount of time longer than a conventional surface as it is both chemical and scratch resistant. The coating is made of particles of silver which are proven to reject bacteria and stop growth from increasing.

If you want to ensure that your building exterior remains in good condition and ensure that the value does not drop, our nationwide service is perfect for you. Simply contact us to arrange for a free survey.

Benefits of Food Safe Coatings

  • Helps improve hygiene rating
  • Affordable price
  • Helps protect flooring
  • Makes cleaning easier
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Customer review for Food Safe Coatings

"Our food hygiene coating needed respraying, so we meet our hygiene standards. Elevation maintenance knew what they were talking about and managed to competed all work within the given deadline. We would definetly recommend them to other food safe businesses!"