Liquid Roofing

Enjoy a 25-year guarantee with our national liquid roofing services. Our team has a combined 20-years on site experience working alongside some of the largest companies in the UK. Previous liquid roof coating clients have included Tesco, Coca-Cola, Subway and B&Q. Our coatings are tailored to each building and a full consultation will be provided completely free of charge. Contact us today to increase the life expectancy of your buildings roof space.

25 Years Guarantee On All Of Our Services

35% Off On Selected Services

Liquid Roof Coatings

In need of some quality liquid roof coatings? Elevation Maintenance will provide you and your building with a durable liquid roof coating that helps fight against adverse weather and harmful substances. Our team are fully accredited by Constructionline and Safecontractor so you know that we are good for the work. Many contractors claim to be experts in their field but we genuinely are.

Our coatings team has a combined 20-years experience in the liquid roofing industry. We are able to provide our services to flat, pitched and domed buildings, all at a price that is affordable so your budget will always remain intact.

The liquid roof coatings we provide cures to form a rubber-like elastomeric waterproof membrane, it is extremely flexible and is capable of stretching and returning to its original shape without damage. Our bespoke systems are reinforced with secondary materials such as glass-reinforced plastic to provide extra tensile strength. The liquid roofing can be applied over most traditional roofing materials, including felt, asphalt, bitumen, and concrete.

At Elevation Maintenance Solutions we offer a host of long-term liquid roof coatings that will protect and enhance most commercial/industrial roofing sheets, producing seamless protection all year round to prolong the lifespan of the roof and all of our coatings are supported by a comprehensive material guarantee up to 25 years.

Benefits of Liquid Roofing

  • Flat, Pitched or Domed Roofs
  • No Hot Works Required – Extremely Safe
  • Easily Applied
  • Cost Effective – 70% Less Expensive
  • High Performance
  • Can Deliver Up To 25 Years Performance
Liquid Roof Coatings


Customer review for Liquid Roof Coatings

"We went to Elevation for our liquid roof coating, we are so pleased with the results. Our roofing is now protected for as long as I could ever of imagined. We are so happy, we have now placed an inquiry for the team to do our roof cleaning."