Cut Edge Corrosion

Trying to find the right treatment to suit your building can be tricky, it no longer has to be with our cut edge corrosion treatment! It’s immaculate process, eliminates any developing loose edges on roofing.

25 Years Guarantee On All Of Our Services

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What is Cut Edge Corrosion Treatments?

We offer full cut edge corrosion treatments to the cut edges of prefinished metal roof sheets that have been cut to size during the manufacturing process, the most common areas that will show corrosion is at the edges of the sheet laps and sheet ends and to most south facing elevations.

We treat the sheets by taking the areas back to metal by manual or mechanic means and encapsulating the surfaces, this can be done as part of a complete roof system coating or as a stand alone treatment. Again we propose many different approved systems in order to provide some choice for our clients.

The corrosion commonly develops on roofing. This happens due to the laminating peeling from the sheet edge, which can be caused by harsh weather conditions.

How can it be treated?

  • Firstly, a member from our team will precisely assess the extent of the condition of the cut edge, and conclude what further steps must be taken to improve its quality.
  • We will then prepare the surface, ready for the treatment process.
  • Thirdly, we will have to remove anything that may have become loose due to the weather conditions and the state of the roofing.
  • After we have done this, we will then overlap any mid-sheets, ensuring that they are kept up the highest standard.
  • Finally, we will then advice that our cladding coating is applied, not only to enhance the appearance of the roofing, to increase durability and protect it even further.

Features of Cut Edge Corrosion

  • Safety is improved of the roof
  • 25 year guarantee.
  • Cost Effective
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Simple Application
  • Roof leaks will be decreased, the interior of the building will be protected.
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Customer review for Cut-Edge Corrosion Treatments

"Couldn't be happier! At first I couldn't quite believe how much Elelvation actually do. Then when I saw they do Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment for my roof, I called them up straight away. All of the team were super friendly, I highly recommend them to anyone looking for commercial contractors."