On Site Powder Coating Repairs and Respraying
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Staircase Power Coating – Liverpool

What The Client Wanted

Our previous client required a full power coating surface to refurbish staircases which had seen damage/graffiti overtime.

What We Did

All our on site powder coating repairs and re spraying are done using industrial-standard professional equipment. Polyester Power Coatings are a cost-effective alternative when you have alot of surface area to cover.

We also offer services for removing power coating from surfaces/structures using off-site effective abrasive blasting equipment.

If you require power coating repairs for doors, staircases, medical equipment or any architectural structures, contact us today on 0800 689 4653. All our services come with a minimum of 25 years guarantee.

Services Used

On Site Spraying, Powder Coatings

Images from Project